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Since Congress did not extend the free meals waiver for the 2022-2023 school year, the Child Nutrition programs across the nation will return to normalpre-pandemic operations. Families will once again be asked to complete and submit a Free/Reduced Meal Application for the current school year if they would like to see if their students qualify based on the income of all family members. In the past years, the first 30 days of the school year carryover status from the previous school year applied. Some families may have chosen to not submit the meal applications these past couple of years, so that 30-day carryover will not be applicable.


As soon as the new 2022-2023 meal application is made available by USDA, parents/guardians will need to complete the form. Make sure you provide all the information regarding incomes of any type. Include the case number for any SNAP benefits if that applies. This will cover the student (s) for the entire 2022-2023 school year and no other steps will be necessary, unless there is an income change during the school year. As long as the application is complete you will receive a letter from the Calhoun County School District - Food Service office indicating if the application is approved or not. Until you receive approval, it is the responsibility of the parents /guardians to provide payment for any food items.




The Child Nutrition Department is committed to assisting families and making this transition back to normal operations as easy as possible. Please feel free to contact our offices at (662) 414-3152.


**This institution is an equal opportunity provider**



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Calhoun County School District consists of Bruce Schools, Calhoun City Schools and Vardaman Schools.  With the addition of the Calhoun Career and Technical Center, the Calhoun County School System is providing quality education to the whole of Calhoun County.


The school district serves approximately 2,400 students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.  We have seven individual schools under one school district and over 400 dedicated personnel are employed by Calhoun County School District.


We hope you will find the information on our website meets your needs.  If you're looking for information that you can't find, contact us and we will be glad to help.








*To report waste, fraud, and or abuse of federal funds, call Calhoun County Support Services office  at 662-412-3152