Calhoun County Career and Technical Center

The Calhoun County Career and Technical Center serves high school students from all three of the CCSD high schools (Bruce, Calhoun City, and Vardaman).  The Center was established in 2008 with 5 Career and Technical programs and has since grown to have 8 Career and Technical Programs along with 2 academic classes.  To learn more about the center, please  click on the links below and check out our bulletin board.


Automotive Technology I and II


Construction Technology I and II


Digital Media Technology I and II




Health Care and Clinical Services I and II


Law and Public Safety I and II


Manufacturing Technology I and II


Teacher Academy I and II

Digital Tech Apps for Business

 The Calhoun County Career & Technical Center adheres to principle of equal education and employment opportunity without regard to race, sex, color, creed or national origin. The Calhoun County Career & Technical Center welcomes students who are disabled, disadvantaged or of limited English proficiency. Assistance and other services are provided for all who need help in successfully completing vocational training.

Bulletin Board

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Job Openings